Benyar Watches: Quality, Origin, and Reviews

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Benyar watches have established themselves as a noteworthy option in the vast market of low to mid-range Chinese watches.

Their appeal lies in the combination of modern designs and affordable prices, making them an interesting choice for those seeking fashionable accessories without breaking the bank.

This article will delve into the origin and quality of Benyar watches, providing a detailed insight into what this brand has to offer.

Join us as we unveil the charm and quality that have made Benyar watches a popular choice among watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Benyar Watches and Their Origin

The history of Benyar watches dates back to the year 2012 when the brand was registered by Ye Yingbin in Puning province, Guangdong region, in southern China.

The original name of the brand is “By Benyar,” and their goal from the beginning has been to offer modern and genuine sports watches at affordable prices.

To achieve this, the company has focused its efforts on perfecting its production, research, and development systems, always prioritizing the needs and preferences of its customers.

While the exact location of Benyar’s factory is not clearly established, it is known that the watches are manufactured in the Guangdong region, which is also home to other well-known watch brands like Tandorio, Curren, Poedagar, and Cadisen.

This geographical origin provides Benyar with a considerable advantage in terms of experience, supplies, and distribution when it comes to watch manufacturing.

⌦ Quality of Benyar Watches: Are They Good?

The quality of a watch can be determined through a careful analysis of its individual components.

In the case of Benyar watches, they are characterized by being mostly made of stainless steel, featuring hardened mineral crystal, and equipped with Japanese movements.

However, there are exceptions, and not all models have the same quality, so it’s important to understand what each material offers.

When considering a Benyar watch, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The case: The best models have a stainless steel case, while some, usually the more economical ones, use a copper-zinc alloy (alloy) that may discolor with prolonged use.
  • The crystal: Although Benyar advertises their crystal as hardlex, this is unlikely as hardlex is a Seiko proprietary material. They might use some other type of equally resistant mineral crystal.
  • The movement: Many watches from this brand feature Japanese quartz movements, known for their reliability and durability compared to Chinese movements.
  • The strap: Some models offer stainless steel bracelets, while others have leather straps. However, don’t expect genuine leather given the affordable price range of these watches.

In summary, although there are variations in quality among different models, if chosen carefully, Benyar watches offer quite good performance for their price.

⌦ Top Benyar Watches

Among the variety of models Benyar offers, we want to highlight some that represent excellent options in terms of price-quality ratio:

➜ Benyar BY-5176M Automatic

The Benyar BY-5176M is a prestigious mechanical watch powered by a Chinese automatic G2666Z movement.

The 41mm diameter and 14mm thick alloy case are complemented by a steel bracelet, giving the watch a robust yet elegant appearance.

The hardened mineral crystal provides excellent scratch resistance, while the 5-bar water resistance allows for everyday use without fear of water damage.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Chinese automatic
Caliber G2666Z
Case Diameter 41mm
Case Thickness 14mm
Materials Alloy case and steel bracelet
Water Resistance 5 bar (50 meters)

➜ Benyar BY-5175 Sport Chrono

For sports and functionality enthusiasts, the Benyar BY-5175 Sport Chrono is a perfect choice in terms of price and complications.

This quartz watch features a 45mm diameter and 15mm thick alloy case with a leather strap.

Its special functions, such as the chronograph, calendar, and 24-hour time format, make it an ideal companion for fitness enthusiasts.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Quartz
Case Diameter 45mm
Case Thickness 15mm
Materials Alloy case and leather strap
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Special Functions Chronograph, calendar, and 24-hour time format

➜ Benyar BY-5121 Skeleton

The Benyar BY-5121 Skeleton is a mechanical spectacle on the wrist. This skeleton watch with visible movement features a striking automatic mechanical movement.

The 45mm diameter and 15mm thick alloy case come with a black leather strap, giving it a mysterious and sophisticated look.

Despite its open design, the BY-5121 maintains a 3-bar (30 meters) water resistance.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Automatic mechanical
Case Diameter 45mm
Case Thickness 15mm
Materials Alloy case and black leather strap
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Special Functions Skeleton watch with visible movement

➜ Benyar BY-5185 ST6

The Benyar BY-5185 ST6 is an elegantly sober automatic watch. Powered by a Chinese Seagull ST6 caliber, this watch stands out with its 39mm diameter and 11.7mm thick stainless steel case and bracelet.

Additionally, its 10-bar (100 meters) water resistance makes it a solid choice for those looking for a watch suitable for pool or shallow diving activities.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Chinese automatic
Caliber Seagull ST6
Case Diameter 39mm
Case Thickness 11.7mm
Materials Stainless steel case and bracelet
Water Resistance 10 bar (100 meters)

➜ Benyar BY-5194

The Benyar BY-5194 combines elegance and functionality in a multifunction quartz watch housed in a robust 43mm stainless steel case.

With a water resistance of up to 5 bars, this watch can withstand everyday water activities, complemented by a durable hardened mineral crystal that resists daily scratches.

Its special functions include a chronometer with a tachymeter scale for measuring speed and distance, as well as a calendar and 24-hour time format.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Quartz
Case Diameter 43mm
Case Thickness 14mm
Materials Stainless steel and silicone
Water Resistance 5 bar (50 meters)
Special Functions Chronometer with tachymeter scale, calendar, and 24-hour time format

⌦ Benyar Watch Reviews: What Do Users Say?

When exploring user reviews of Benyar watches, we find a mix of positive and negative comments.

On one hand, many users praise the value for money of these watches, highlighting their elegant design and functions despite their low cost.

However, there are also detractors, mainly focusing on the cases of some designs and the fading of their original color, possibly in models with alloy cases, which are less durable than steel.

Some users also report misalignment issues with the hands of their watches, especially in chronograph models.

In conclusion, Benyar watches present themselves as an affordable option for those seeking fashionable and functional timepieces.

Although they may have some drawbacks in terms of material quality and manufacturing details, they offer good performance for their price range.

We always recommend researching and carefully choosing the model that best suits your needs and preferences.


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