Pagani Design Watches: Quality, Origins, and Reviews

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Pagani Design watches are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those seeking quality and style at an affordable price.

But what lies behind this emerging brand? In this article, we examine its origins, quality, and provide detailed reviews of some of its most notable models.

⌦ Pagani Design Watches and their Origins

To truly understand the essence of Pagani Design watches, it is essential to delve into the roots of this Chinese watch brand and understand its origins.

Guangzhou, located in southern China, is not only a city steeped in history and culture but also one of the central hubs of the Chinese watch industry.

In the labyrinthine streets of Guangzhou, one can find everything from small artisan workshops to large factories producing parts for some of the world’s most renowned brands.

It is no surprise, then, that numerous Chinese brands like Tandorio, Lige, or Poedagar also have their factories located in the area.

It is in this environment, where tradition meets modernity, that Pagani Design found its home and began its journey.

However, while other brands chose to mass-produce without paying attention to quality or detail, Pagani Design took a different path.

From its early days, the brand has focused on studying international trends and adapting them to their designs, always ensuring that each piece produced is of superior quality.

It was not easy for Pagani to make a name for itself in an already saturated industry. However, their commitment to quality and their ability to adapt quickly to market needs allowed them to stand out.

The brand managed to combine the efficiency of Chinese production with quality standards that rival much more established and expensive European brands.

While Pagani Design watches have come a long way since their humble beginnings in Guangzhou, the brand has never forgotten its roots and remains true to its original commitment to offering quality watches at affordable prices.

⌦ Quality of Pagani Watches

With carefully chosen designs and finely crafted details, Pagani Design watches offer a rather premium appearance.

However, to determine the quality of these watches, it is necessary to review each of their components separately. These are the most commonly used by the brand:

  • Case: Even in their more affordable quartz models, Pagani usually employs stainless steel, which is good news because it is a very resistant and durable material.
  • Crystal: This brand often uses sapphire crystal, although it also uses hardened mineral crystal in some models. Both materials offer good visibility, but sapphire is more scratch-resistant.
  • Bracelet: When it comes to metal bracelets, the material is always stainless steel, although the brand also manufactures watches with synthetic leather and silicone straps.
  • Movement: Currently, Pagani offers a wide range of watches with Japanese movements, from manufacturers like Seiko and Miyota (Citizen), although you can also find some Chinese calibers like Seagull or DG in their more economical models. Japanese movements are a guarantee of reliability, while the latter Chinese movements can be hit or miss.

As can be seen, this brand has chosen to focus more on quality, not just design, resulting in watches that are not only beautiful but also perform their function well.

⌦ Reviews of the Best Pagani Design Watches

For those interested in acquiring a Pagani Design watch, here is a detailed review of some of the most outstanding models:

➜ Pagani Submariner PD-1639

This watch combines a timeless design with the precision of a Japanese automatic movement, protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

With its sturdy 43mm alloy case and stainless steel bracelet, this watch is prepared to face the depths, with water resistance of up to 100 meters.

In addition, its rotating bezel and transparent case back add a distinctive touch, ideal for those seeking a functional and elegant watch.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Japanese Automatic
Caliber Seiko NH35
Case Diameter 43mm
Case Thickness 13mm
Materials Alloy case and stainless steel bracelet
Water Resistance 10 bar (100 meters)
Other Features Rotating bezel, transparent case back, screw-down crown and case back

➜ Pagani PD-1645

Thanks to its reliable Seiko NH35A caliber, the Pagani PD-1645 is a showcase of elegance and precision in a single watch.

Its 42mm stainless steel case and bracelet perfectly complement a sapphire crystal, offering both durability and a polished aesthetic.

It also features water resistance of 100 meters and a date display with magnification, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Japanese Automatic
Caliber Seiko NH35A
Case Diameter 42mm
Case Thickness 12mm
Materials Stainless steel case and bracelet
Water Resistance 10 bar (100 meters)
Other Features Transparent case back, date display with magnification

➜ Pagani Tachymetre PD-1644

Perfect for those looking for a functional watch with style, the Tachymetre PD-1644 features a Japanese quartz movement, the Seiko VK63 caliber.

Its 40mm stainless steel case and bracelet are combined with a sapphire crystal, while its chronograph functions with a tachymetric scale and calendar make it stand out in its category.

With water resistance of up to 100 meters, it is perfect for daily use, and its price is hard to beat.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Japanese Quartz
Caliber Seiko VK63
Case Diameter 40mm
Case Thickness 12mm
Materials Stainless steel case and bracelet
Water Resistance 10 bar (100 meters)
Other Features Chronograph with tachymetric scale and calendar

➜ Pagani Skeleton PD-1638

For watch enthusiasts who appreciate internal mechanics, the Pagani PD-1638 is a work of art.

With a skeleton design that reveals its internal machinery, this watch features a Chinese automatic movement under a Hardlex crystal.

Its 43mm stainless steel case is perfectly complemented by a leather strap, providing a unique aesthetic, with its design being its most attractive feature.

Crystal Hardlex (Hardened Mineral)
Movement Chinese Automatic
Caliber G3265Z
Case Diameter 43mm
Case Thickness 13mm
Materials Stainless steel case and leather strap
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Skeleton watch, transparent case back

➜ Pagani PD-1736

With a Seiko NH39 caliber, this watch combines durability with a bold aesthetic. Its 43mm steel case is complemented by a rubber and fabric strap, offering a sporty appearance.

Under a sapphire crystal, its open-heart dial reveals part of its machinery. With an impressive water resistance of 200 meters and details like a rotating bezel, it is the perfect companion for adventurers.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Japanese Automatic
Caliber Seiko NH39
Case Diameter 43mm
Case Thickness 13mm
Materials Steel case and rubber/fabric strap
Water Resistance 20 bar (200 meters)
Other Features Open-heart dial, rotating bezel, transparent case back, screw-down crown and case back

⌦ Price and Reviews: Market Perspective

Overall, opinions about Pagani watches are very positive, which is normal considering that the brand has managed to offer interesting designs with finishes that rival much more expensive watches.

Regarding the price, these watches are very affordable for the components they offer, making them one of the brands that offers the best value for money.

There are cheaper Chinese watches, but possibly none with Japanese movements and sapphire crystal at the price that Pagani offers.

Therefore, we can conclude that Pagani Design watches represent an excellent option for those seeking style and quality at an accessible price.


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