Chenxi Watches: Quality, Origin, and Reviews

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Chenxi watches have emerged in the watch market as a new attractive and affordable option that doesn’t hide its origin or pretend to be something it’s not.

This Chinese watch brand has managed to stand out in a saturated market thanks to its sleek designs, notable functionality, and economical prices.

In this way, they have become a popular choice among consumers seeking a beautiful watch without spending large amounts of money.

But what lies behind these ultra-low-cost watches with intriguing designs? Are they as good as they appear?

In this article, we will delve deeply into their history, considering their quality and some reviews of the best Chenxi watches.

⌦ Chenxi Watches and Their Origin

In the dynamic watch industry, where numerous brands strive for recognition and preference, Chenxi has managed to stand out despite its short history.

Unlike other brands, Chenxi watches don’t hide their Chinese origin; instead, they embrace it and use it as one of their distinguishing features.

The Chenxi brand was officially registered in 2017, making it a relatively young proposition in the vast landscape of watchmaking.

The registrant is HOU JUNHUA, with a physical headquarters in the Hai Zhu district of Guangzhou city.

This metropolis, located in the Guangdong province, is a hub of the watchmaking industry, housing well-known brands like Pagani Design, Curren, and Tandorio.

The choice of the brand name also holds symbolic meaning. “Chenxi” translates to “dawn” or “early morning sunlight,” representing the company’s vision of a bright and promising beginning.

This philosophy is reflected in its slogan, highlighting its commitment to offering elegant watches at reasonable prices, focusing on providing top-priority service to its customers.

Unfortunately, more detailed information about the Chenxi brand remains limited due to its recent establishment.

Nevertheless, what we can analyze in detail is the composition of their watches and how they reflect the company’s vision and values.

⌦ What is the Quality of Chenxi Watches?

Most Chenxi watches are extremely affordable quartz watches and some equally affordable mechanical ones, yet they offer certain attractive features for their price.

To better understand how they are crafted and whether they are of quality, let’s examine each of their components separately:

  • Case: Made from an alloy of metals, usually a mixture of copper and zinc (also called brass), a material that looks similar to stainless steel but is not as wear-resistant.
  • Crystal: Typically made of mineral glass, an economical crystal that provides good visibility and is more scratch-resistant than plastic crystals.
  • Bracelet: Models with metal straps use stainless steel, which is good news as it’s the part that holds the watch on the wrist. There are also models with leather straps or imitation leather.
  • Movement: Depending on the model, you can find either quartz or automatic mechanical movements, all of Chinese origin. Quartz movements perform well regardless of their origin, but mechanical movements are not very reliable at this price level.

While not all components of Chenxi watches are of high quality, there is an effort to offer an aesthetically pleasing and functional product at a low price. So, while they can’t be categorized as high-end watches, they can’t be labeled as poor either.

⌦ Review of the Best Chenxi Watches

➜ Chenxi 948 Gentleman

The Chenxi 948 Gentleman epitomizes classic elegance with a contemporary touch. With hardened mineral glass and a multifunction quartz movement, this watch combines functionality and design.

The alloy case along with a stainless steel bracelet adds robustness to the watch, while the discreetly placed chronograph and calendar at 4 o’clock offer additional features essential for the modern man.

Crystal Hardened mineral glass
Movement Multifunction quartz
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 14 mm
Materials Alloy case with stainless steel bracelet
Water Resistance 3 ATM (30 meters)
Other Features Chronograph and calendar at 4 o’clock

➜ Chenxi CX-8848 Skeleton

For those passionate about machinery and watchmaking, the CX-8848 model can be an intriguing choice.

Its skeleton design exposes the intricate automatic mechanical mechanism, allowing users to appreciate the complexity and beauty of its movement.

It also features a stainless steel bracelet, making this watch not only a visual masterpiece but also a display of durability and resilience.

Crystal Hardened mineral glass
Movement Chinese automatic mechanical
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 14 mm
Materials Alloy case with stainless steel bracelet
Water Resistance 3 ATM (30 meters)
Other Features Skeleton watch with visible mechanism

➜ Chenxi CX-8801 Sun & Moon

The CX-8801 captures the poetry of time. The open heart dial, combined with a moon phase and a 24-hour time indicator, turns this watch into an astronomical gem.

The transparent back adds an additional touch of sophistication, allowing users to observe the magic of the automatic mechanical movement in action.

Crystal Hardened mineral glass
Movement Chinese automatic mechanical
Case Diameter 39 mm
Case Thickness 9 mm
Materials Alloy case with stainless steel bracelet
Water Resistance 3 ATM (30 meters)
Other Features Open heart dial with moon phase and 24-hour time, transparent back

➜ Chenxi CX-8222 Nautilus

Inspired by the majesty of the ocean, the Chenxi CX-8222 Nautilus is for those seeking simplicity with style, albeit minimalist compared to other models.

While its design may seem simple at first glance, functionality is not compromised, as it features a calendar function that will always keep the user on track.

This makes it a versatile piece suitable for any occasion.

Crystal Hardened mineral glass
Movement Quartz
Case Diameter 40 mm
Case Thickness 14 mm
Materials Alloy case and stainless steel bracelet
Water Resistance 3 ATM (30 meters)
Other Features Calendar

➜ Chenxi 973

Combining the traditional elegance of a leather strap with bold design, the Chenxi 973 is a statement of style.

In addition to its hardened mineral glass and multifunction quartz movement, it stands out with its moon phase, practical chronograph, and a calendar located at 4 o’clock.

It’s the perfect watch for those who want to combine tradition and modernity in a single accessory, all at an unbelievable price.

Crystal Hardened mineral glass
Movement Multifunction quartz
Case Diameter 44 mm
Case Thickness 13.5 mm
Materials Alloy case and leather strap
Water Resistance 3 ATM (30 meters)
Other Features Moon phase, chronograph, and calendar at 4 o’clock

⌦ Conclusion

While their economical materials might lead to more wear and tear, their accessible price makes them an attractive option for those seeking a stylish and functional watch without a major investment.

Certainly, we’re not talking about lifetime watches, but these watches offer an interesting option in the market of ultra-low-cost watches, thanks to their appealing design and functionality.

Undoubtedly, Chenxi is a brand to consider for those looking for an economical option without completely sacrificing aesthetics and functionality.


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