Chinese Watches: All Brands and Their Best Models

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In the past, Chinese watch brands were not particularly well-regarded, but this paradigm is changing nowadays.

More and more Chinese watchmakers are focusing on quality and equipping their watches with better materials and components while still offering competitive prices.

This makes it possible to find Chinese watches with sapphire crystal, Japanese movements, and even ceramic bezels, among other interesting features.

However, it is not always easy to find the right watch, as many of these brands are a mystery to those who are not familiar with the world of Chinese watchmaking.

That’s why in this post, we will be compiling the best Chinese watch brands, along with their origins and the best models they offer. Let’s get started!

⌦ Best Chinese Watch Brands

➜ Addiesdive

Addiesdive is one of the best Chinese watch brands, famous for its dive models, many of which evoke the aesthetics of iconic Seiko watches.

Interestingly, many of these watches incorporate Japanese movements from SII (Seiko Instruments INC), a subsidiary of Seiko.

This detail, combined with their affordable price, makes them a very attractive option for automatic watch enthusiasts.

Above these lines is one of the most popular Addiesdive watches, made entirely of steel, with a reliable Seiko NH35 movement and sapphire crystal.

➜ Tandorio

The company that owns the Tandorio watches is Guangzhou Sebo Trading Co., Ltd., which also owns the brands Parnis, Corgeut, and Matelion.

Tandorio is gaining a place among the best Chinese watch brands due to its high-quality products and more competitive prices compared to the competition.

In fact, several of their designs share similarities with Addiesdive watches in terms of aesthetics and materials but are more affordable.

However, they do not compromise on quality materials such as stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and Japanese automatic movements.

➜ Steeldive

Steeldive is part of the same corporate group as Addiesdive, producing identical watch models but with different offerings.

It is interesting to note that all the elements are the same, including the packaging. The only difference in Steeldive watches lies in the brand and logos.

Therefore, if this aspect does not concern you, it could be an excellent option to purchase the same watch and save a few euros.

➜ San Martin

San Martin is a recognized Chinese brand known for its specialization in diver and homage watches, distinguished by their high quality and attention to detail.

This company is a subsidiary of the conglomerate Shenzhen Xingzhen Industrial Co, and like many other Chinese watch brands, it is based in the Guangdong region.

San Martin watches, in general, share a wide variety of components with the Steeldive brand but differentiate themselves by offering better finishes and stricter quality control.

Additionally, San Martin offers models powered by Swiss movements such as Sellita, although it is worth noting that these models tend to have a higher price compared to other brands in the region.


FEICE was founded in 2009 in Shenzhen to sell quality watches in China, and began manufacturing Bauhaus-style watches a year later.

In 2014, the online sale of FEICE watches started, and they internationalized in 2017 through online sales platforms.

As an interesting fact, it was initially named “Feike,” but was changed to FEICE to avoid similarity with “Fake.” This change didn’t have much relevance until their international expansion, as in China, its meaning was “Flyer.”

Today, FEICE is one of the top Chinese watch brands, maintaining the Bauhaus style while expanding its catalog with various mechanical and quartz models.

➜ Cadisen

Founded in 2007, Cadisen is known for its extensive range of products, particularly excelling in the field of mechanical designs.

The company, officially known as Shenzhen Cadisen Watch Industry Co., Ltd., is located and produces its products in Shenzhen, Guangdong, alongside other prominent Chinese brands.

Cadisen watches are characterized by their elegance and sporty style, always committed to using high-quality materials and maintaining affordable prices.

Although they are not luxury watches, their designs convey the impression of being from a prestigious brand without resorting to copying or excessive imitation of Swiss watchmaking traditions.

➜ Sea-Gull

If you are looking for Chinese watch brands with a rich history, Sea-Gull is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic ones. In fact, their products come from the former Tianjin Watch Factory.

The Tianjin Seagull Watch Factory was founded in 1955 and still maintains its facilities in Tianjin, China.

Seagull also stands out as a leading manufacturer of mechanical watches on a global scale, producing a quarter of the world’s total and employing a team of over 3,000 workers.

➜ Parnis

Founded in 2005 by Xiao Jian Hong in Guangzhou, China, the Chinese watch brand Parnis started as a bulk watch factory but has improved its quality over time.

Parnis manufactures most of its watches in its facilities in Tong De Wei, Guangzhou, and uses components from renowned companies such as Miyota, Dixmount, or Seagull.

Its reputation is due to the reliability of these components and often a higher level of quality control compared to other Chinese brands.

Today, Parnis produces both mechanical and quartz watches, some of which are similar to those of major brands but also has its own designs.

➜ Burei

Founded in 2001 in Shenzhen, China, the epicenter of the country’s watchmaking industry, Burei is another top Chinese brand offering affordable and reliable watches.

The company, which is part of the Ruibaoda Trading Co., Ltd. group, specializes in classic designs that are inspired by the Swiss watch industry but adapted to modern trends.

Burei has gained international recognition for the quality of its products and claims to use advanced Swiss technology to optimize its manufacturing process.

The truth is that Burei watches incorporate high-quality materials such as sapphire crystal, steel, and Japanese mechanisms, so it’s not surprising that they achieve excellent results.

➜ Starking

Starking watches emerged in 1990 with the establishment of Shenzhen Jieyong Clocks and Watches Co. LTD.

Two years later, the Starking Watch Group was established in Shenzhen, gaining recognition in the local watch industry.

In 1998, the company internationalized, participating in fairs in Basel and Hong Kong and began selling its watches outside of China.

By that time, they already had two factories in Longhua and Shenzhen, but it was not until 2005 when they started manufacturing their own movements through their subsidiary, Shenzhen Jingrui Movement Limited.

Today, they export to more than 30 countries and have over 300 stores in China alone, making them one of the largest Chinese watch brands.

➜ Corgeut

Corgeut is a young Chinese watch brand registered in 2017 by Gong Wei Zhang, who resides in Hubei, China.

Manbushijie is another registered brand of Zhang, an online store that sells Corgeut watches and other quality brands such as Parnis and Debert.

Therefore, it is suspected that the same factory may be behind all these brands, which have great similarity in components and designs, although it cannot be confirmed.

➜ Heimdallr

Heimdallr is a microbrand that stands out in the diving watch sector for its quality, easily recognizable by the shark logo and its monster-style aesthetics.

Watches produced by Heimdallr often feature superior quality components such as sapphire crystal, Seiko movements, and Super Luminova C3, designed to increase brightness in low light conditions.

Their website claims that they do not manufacture in China; however, the company is linked to Shenzhen XingZhen Industrial Co., Ltd., which raises some doubts about the accuracy of this information.

➜ Loreo

Since 1993, Loreo has been dedicated to the design and production of a variety of watches, whether quartz or mechanical, all with a good level of quality.

The company, Shenzhen Loreo Watch Co. Ltd., as indicated in its title, is based in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, where it operates a prominent manufacturing complex.

Loreo often stands out in terms of value, providing quality features such as sapphire crystals, Seagull movements, and in some cases, even Miyota.

In this field, it is possible to find, for example, their range of dive watches, which have gained recognition and appreciation within the watch enthusiast community.

➜ Xiaomi

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics and software company, has made a name for itself in the international scene as one of the leading smartwatch brands.

Initially known for their high-quality and affordable smartphones, Xiaomi has also shown great expertise in the production of wearables.

Their smartwatches are known for their sleek design, durability, cutting-edge functionality, and, above all, affordability.

Since their first smartwatch, the Xiaomi Mi Watch, the company has continued to innovate and improve their products, becoming one of the top Chinese watch brands.

⌦ Other Chinese watch brands

➜ Curren

Curren is another Chinese watch brand produced by the Shenzhen-Meigeer Watch Company Ltd. factory in Shenzhen.

This brand encompasses a wide range of watches, some of which feature renowned components such as Miyota movements in their mechanical watches and Sunon in their quartz designs.

However, not all Curren watches use the same components, and those with higher quality often have a higher cost.

Additionally, there are many stores selling this brand, and some may inflate the value of the watches, so it is crucial to compare prices before making a decision.

➜ Carnival

Founded in China in 1986, Carnival started by manufacturing watches with influences from classic Swiss designs. In fact, their logo is similar to that of Omega.

However, Carnival watches do not use Swiss components, although it’s possible to find some Japanese pieces in their watches, also of good quality.

Their headquarters are located in the Baiyun Watch District in Guangdong, and they are currently one of the Chinese watch brands with the best finishes and designs.

➜ Lige

Lige is an emerging Chinese watch brand founded in 2012 in China by the young entrepreneur Zhongshao Huang from Pingxiang.

The acronym LIGE (Legend Immortality Gorgeous Extraordinary) reflects the company’s goal of being a reference in the watch industry.

This ambition is reinforced with the inscription “for dreams” on each of the Lige watches, representing the founder’s vision to create exquisite timepieces for everyone.

The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, where its factory is also located. Officially called Guangzhou Lige Watch Co., Ltd., it operates under the international company Shenzhen Kaiser with over 100 employees.

Since 2017, the brand has expanded to Europe, one of its most relevant markets along with Central America, although it distributes its watches globally.

➜ Pagani Design

This manufacturer is a favorite on online platforms like Alibaba and Aliexpress thanks to its automatic watches and homage designs.

Inspired by luxury brands like Tag Heuer, Pagani Design watches have made a significant impact in the Chinese watch market due to their low cost.

Many of their watches come equipped with Seagull mechanisms, and some even feature Japanese Miyota and even Seiko movements in the more expensive models.

The key is to carefully review the specifications of each Pagani watch to find the desired movement, as they frequently vary components.

➜ Skmei

Founded in 2010 in Guangdong, South China, Skmei is one of the largest Chinese watch brands in terms of production volume.

With 5 production lines in a 6,000m² space, Guangzhou SKMEI Watch Co., Ltd. produces around 300,000 digital sports watches monthly.

Skmei watches have evolved from imitations of Casio to a wide variety of their own designs, including analog, LCD, LED, and smartwatches.

Today, Skmei also manufactures for other well-known Chinese brands and has a registered trademark in over 60 countries, making its reach global.

➜ Poedagar

The Poedagar watches belong to an emerging Chinese watch brand that has experienced a remarkable boom thanks to its eye-catching classic models and extremely affordable prices.

The company behind this brand is Guangzhou Junxiang Trading Co., Ltd., based in Guangzhou, China.

Although they are low-cost watches, the brand offers some acceptable models, some even with mechanical movements.

As a curiosity, the name “Poedagar” is of Swedish origin and roughly translates to “days of poetry.”

➜ Benyar

Founded in 2012, Benyar specializes in the manufacture of low-cost mechanical watches and quartz watches with chronometers, many of them featuring a sporty style.

The original brand is called By Benyar and is registered by Ye Yingbin in Puning, a province in Guangdong. However, the exact place of production is uncertain.

Don’t expect to find Japanese mechanisms or sapphire crystal in Benyar watches, but maybe you’ll find a Chinese Seagull-type clone that keeps time well.

➜ NaviForce

Naviforce is a Chinese watch brand established in 2012, specializing in digital and analog sports watches.

The brand offers various watch collections, some with multifunction analog models with chronograph and date, and others with more digital designs featuring quartz movements.

Despite using materials similar to more expensive brands, Naviforce tends to keep its prices low, even if they have to be shipped from the Far East.

➜ Smael

SMAEL watches belong to Shanghai Xuanfeng Trade LLC, a Chinese company established in 2010, focused on international watch trade, although the Smael brand was not registered until 2017.

The company aims to offer affordable sports watches, benefiting from the low production costs in China and the depreciation of the yuan.

The production of this brand is handled by its subsidiary, Guangzhou SMAEL Watch Co., Ltd., located in Guangzhou.

Today, SMAEL watches are available in more than 45 countries and continue to expand, gaining popularity among consumers looking for affordable sports watches for daily use.

➜ Guanqin

Founded in 1989, Guanqin is a watch brand originally from Hong Kong that has recently gained recognition in Europe.

According to their website, they work with renowned designers, some with experience in brands like IWC and Cartier, although verifying this information can be challenging.

The truth is that according to the trademark registration, Shenzhen Zhongmin BaiHui Trade Company, LTD officially registered the brand in 2018, and their watches started selling a few years before.

Although a relatively young brand, Guanqin’s quality is on par with other established Chinese watch brands.


OLEVS is a Chinese watch brand registered in 2018 by the Chinese company Guangzhou Ouwo Trading Co., Ltd., and its designs are attracting a lot of attention.

The brand offers a selection of quartz and automatic watches, guaranteeing a diverse range of options at a very low cost.

Although OLEVS watches do not rival luxury brands in terms of robustness and longevity, they represent an excellent choice for those interested in an elegant accessory for special occasions.

➜ Forsining

Forsining is known for its skeleton mechanical watches, which feature designs not commonly seen in other Chinese watch brands.

The brand is registered in Hong Kong under the name Forsining Watch Company Limited. However, it is part of the larger Ruixue Watch Company Limited, based in China, which also owns brands like Winner and Jaragar.

Ruixue has been producing watches in Guangdong, South China since 2006, a time that has allowed them to understand and adapt to the market.

➜ Tevise

Luo Wei Jun registered the Tevise brand in 2017, although the watches didn’t start being sold until 2015, making it a relatively new brand.

The company, known as Tevise Watch Company, began its journey in 2012 and operates from Guangzhou with fewer than 50 employees, suggesting it’s a small business.

The Tevise watches are marketed with the promise of offering fashionable designs at affordable prices and a guarantee of quality, although due to their low cost, you can’t expect the best materials.

➜ Oupinke

Oupinke represents a new player in the field of Chinese watches and firmly advocates for the use of materials such as stainless steel and sapphire crystal, giving them a touch of quality.

Zhang, Zhiyong took the initiative to register the brand in 2020, placing it in the Shaodong region of China, indicating that the brand is still trying to find its place in the market.

The fact that they are relatively new does not necessarily mean that Oupinke watches are of low quality. However, it is important to note that they have no affiliation with Switzerland and do not have an extensive history behind them, as some of their ads may seem to indicate.

➜ Haiqin

Haiqin, founded in 2014, is an emerging watch brand with facilities in Guangdong, China, operating under the name Guangzhou Haiqin Watch Co., Ltd.

The company specializes in the manufacture of automatic watches, with movements visible from both the front and the back. They even offer some skeletonized watches.

All these watches stand out for being surprisingly affordable, although their components are also very inexpensive, so you cannot expect the durability and longevity of more expensive Chinese watch brands.

➜ Kademan

Kademan represents an emerging brand in the watch industry, established in 2016 as part of the RongJia conglomerate, a Chinese watch empire with main facilities in Guangzhou.

Kademan’s products are primarily quartz watches that are known for being quite affordable, and despite their modest price, they tend to effectively fulfill their function.

In terms of style, most of their catalog comprises sports models with LCD screens and various functionalities. However, they also offer a line of watches that are purely analog.

➜ Ailang

Founded in the early 1990s, the watchmaking firm Ailang operates in China under the name “Shenzhen alang watch industry co., LTD” and has its production plant in Guangzhou.

The company’s main focus is on traditional-style mechanical watches, with numerous models featuring skeletonized designs or revealing a significant portion of their internal mechanism.

It is a company with affordable price points that tends to use Chinese-made machinery in their watches, although they are reputed to be well-regulated.

➜ Chenxi

Chenxi watches are generally characterized by unique styles and affordable prices, with most of them being quartz watches, although they also offer affordable mechanical versions in their catalog.

The company was founded by Hou Junhua in 2017 and is headquartered in the Hai Zhu district of Guangzhou.

Despite being a brand focused on offering competitive prices, some of the Chenxi watches feature the inclusion of Hattori quartz movements, produced by Seiko, which ensures excellent performance.

➜ Jaragar

Jaragar is a Chinese watch brand from the manufacturer Guangzhou Ruixue Watch Company Limited, which also controls other companies such as Forsining and Winner.

Jaragar watches closely resemble those of its sister brands, standing out for their affordable price and classic aesthetics that evoke more luxurious accessories.

➜ Weide

Chinese Weide watches have gained international fame and have expanded their presence to over 80 countries around the world.

The brand’s main focus is on sports watches with multiple functions, characterized by the integration of analog and digital displays on large dials.

The company behind this brand is Weide International Business LLC, which is responsible for distributing these products as well as other Chinese watch brands.

➜ Wwoor

Wwoor is a Chinese watch brand that stands out for its focus on creating sophisticated quartz designs while maintaining a wide variety of styles.

Like many other Chinese companies in the same industry, Wwoor watches are produced in Guangdong, the epicenter of the country’s watchmaking industry.

The brand debuted in the online market in 2013 and has since gained popularity, particularly among women, with some of its most attractive and exclusive designs targeted towards them.

➜ Megir

This particular manufacturer stands out for integrating features commonly found in more expensive brands into Megir Chinese watches.

In most cases, their watches are waterproof, equipped with Japanese quartz movements, and feature a silicone strap, making them practical, durable, and comfortable on the wrist.

The brand has gained notable recognition in countries outside of China due to its affordability and similar appearance to watches from prestigious brands, but at a fraction of the price.

➜ Sewor

Undoubtedly, Sewor watches stand out for their design among the most affordable options for classic automatic watches from China on the global scene.

Designed to evoke the majestic clocks adorning imposing European cathedrals, Sewor watches have a classic yet sophisticated style.

These watches also boast visible mechanical movements in most cases, a detail that enhances their appearance and makes them a visual delight.

➜ Kinyued

Despite the scarcity of information about Kinyued, this brand specializes mainly in the production of affordable traditional-style automatic watches.

It can be considered one of the most accessible Chinese watch brands in terms of price, but its models usually have interesting features.

This includes steel bracelets, mineral crystals, and an automatic mechanism that ensures long-lasting performance without interruptions.

➜ Winner

Winner is another brand manufactured by Guangzhou Ruixue Watch Company Limited, the same company that distributes Jaragar and Forsining watches.
The specialty of this brand is skeleton mechanical watches, although they also have some very affordable diving models.

➜ Lavaredo

Lavaredo, despite not being a well-recognized name, is gaining increasing prominence due to the manufacture of attractively designed mechanical watches at an affordable price.
This recently established brand, established in 2020, is based in the Hunan province of China.

The most sought-after Lavaredo watches include a series of skeletonized mechanical models, one of which can be seen in the attached image.

⌦ History of Chinese Watches

Watchmaking in China experienced a significant leap in the early 1960s when the first wristwatch was produced in the country.
This is where the Shanghai Wristwatch Factory takes the stage as a pioneer in this area by manufacturing the famous Shanghai A623 model.

Considered the first Chinese military-use watch, the A623 quickly became a status symbol among the high-ranking officials of the People’s Liberation Army.

Personalities such as Li De Sheng (李德生), Xiao Ke (肖克), and Prime Minister Zhou En Lai (周恩来) owned one of these watches.

But the connection between watchmaking and military history goes beyond the use of watches as symbols, as they were also present during the country’s first nuclear test in 1964, a crucial milestone in global history.

➜ The Tianjin Watch Factory Challenge

In 1962, the Tianjin Watch Factory was tasked with designing the first Chinese wrist chronograph, a project that marked another milestone in the history of watchmaking and came to fruition after two years of meticulous work.
During this period, the watch had to undergo rigorous tests for resistance to extreme temperatures, high altitudes, shocks, water resistance, and magnetic fields.

The result of this arduous work was the Tianjin 1963 Air Force Chronograph Watch, or Seagull 1963, the first chronograph entirely designed and manufactured in China.

However, the production of these chronograph watches was limited to 1,400 units due to high manufacturing costs, although some sources indicate that it may have reached 2,000 pieces.

These watches, although expensive to produce, played a vital role in consolidating China’s position in the watchmaking industry.

➜ Importance of Military Intervention

In 1969, the Central Military Commission once again turned to the Shanghai Wristwatch Factory for the creation of “144” military watches.
These watches, available in 29 and 24 jewel versions, were intended exclusively for the military elite and were considered luxury items.

Despite their high price, a total of 30,000 watches were produced, marking the highest production of Chinese watches up to that time.

The history of Chinese watches reflects the evolution and growth of China as a global power, transitioning from manufacturing for the domestic market to selling watches worldwide.


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