FEICE Watches: Quality, Origin, and Reviews

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In a market where many brands compete for a spot, FEICE watches have managed to stand out by offering models that capture the essence of classic elegance without sacrificing functionality.

Born in the technological hub of Shenzhen, FEICE represents a leap in quality compared to other Chinese watch brands, although they are also somewhat more expensive.

While China has traditionally been known for its affordable products, FEICE is redefining expectations, demonstrating that they can also offer high-end watches at competitive prices.

Below we present all the information about FEICE watches, considering their origin, the components they are made of, and some of their most popular models.

⌦ FEICE Watches and Their Origin

The roots of FEICE watches are deeply anchored in the city of Shenzhen, one of China’s most dynamic metropolises.

This city, known as the headquarters of brands like Burei, Cadisen, and Lige, was the perfect place for a brand to be born that sought to revolutionize the world of watches.

FEICE was founded in 2009 with a clear vision: to combine horological tradition with modernity in classic and contemporary designs.

During its early years, it mainly focused on the domestic Chinese market, adapting its models to local preferences and needs.

However, their focus was not limited to replicating traditional designs; they aimed to infuse a distinctive touch into each piece.

The year 2010 marked a decisive turn for the brand, as they introduced the simplicity and functionality of Bauhaus design into their watches.

This approach allowed them to differentiate themselves from other Chinese watch brands by offering something fresh and unique to the market at a much lower price than luxury brands.

With the rise of e-commerce in 2014, FEICE saw a golden opportunity to reach a broader audience and started selling their watches on online platforms, allowing them to reach customers not only in China but around the world.

This global expansion led to an unexpected challenge: the original brand name, “Feike,” had negative connotations in English due to its similarity to the word “Fake.”

To counteract any misconceptions and reinforce their commitment to quality and authenticity, they decided to change the name to “FEICE.”

In 2017, the brand took a bold step by entering the international market, using major online selling platforms like Amazon and Aliexpress to solidify their presence.

FEICE watches soon gained greater recognition, not only for their design but also for the quality and precision of their components.

Currently, the brand remains true to its essence, maintaining the Bauhaus style as its hallmark. However, they have diversified their catalog by offering more designs.

⌦ Are These Watches Good?

To determine the quality of FEICE watches, it is essential to analyze the materials they are made of and each of their components separately.

The brand always emphasizes its quality to justify higher prices compared to other Chinese brands, but do they really live up to the hype? Let’s take a look:

➜ The Case

FEICE always uses stainless steel for the cases of their watches, although the brand doesn’t always specify the grade.

In some models, the brand indicates that they use 316L stainless steel, while in others, they simply state that it’s stainless steel, which could be 304 steel.

Also known as surgical steel, 316L stainless steel includes molybdenum in its alloy, making it more hypoallergenic. It also offers greater resistance to corrosion and magnetism.

304 stainless steel contains more chromium and nickel in its alloy, making it more cost-effective and commonly used in lower-end watches.

➜ The Crystal

Depending on the model, the brand uses curved 2.5D hardened mineral crystal or sapphire crystal, both known for their good visibility.

Curved crystal, in addition to its design aspect, offers a high light transmission coefficient of around 99.6%.

While sapphire crystal is one of the hardest minerals, making it practically scratch-proof. This makes it a better option, although it’s also more expensive.

➜ The Bracelet

Whether it’s a soft leather strap or stainless steel, FEICE ensures that their straps are comfortable and durable, but the brand doesn’t provide specific details about each material in this case.

All models with a metal bracelet, whether links or mesh, use stainless steel, but the brand usually doesn’t specify whether it’s 304 or 316L.

In the case of leather straps, the leather is soft and flexible, but it’s not clearly specified whether it’s genuine leather or some other synthetic material.

➜ The Movement

FEICE’s mechanical models usually incorporate Seagull or PTS Hangzhou movements, both Chinese calibers known for good performance.

Specifically, many of the PTS Hangzhou calibers are replicas of ETA movements and also some Seiko, although this doesn’t always justify the prices of some models.

On the other hand, quartz models use mechanisms of Japanese origin, known for their precision and durability.

⌦ Review of the Best FEICE Watches

Generally, the best FEICE watches are Bauhaus-style designs, but the brand also offers some more contemporary models. Here are the most popular ones:

➜ FEICE FM0121

A watch that combines robustness with elegance. Its distinctive curved 2.5D hardened mineral crystal stands out in a 41mm case, housing a reliable Hangzhou 2130 automatic movement.

Whether with a leather or steel bracelet, it adapts to the style of its wearer. Its 24-hour subdial and transparent case back that reveals the magic of the movement are notable features.

Crystal Curved 2.5D Hardened Mineral
Movement Chinese Automatic
Caliber Hangzhou 2130
Case Diameter 41 mm
Case Thickness 13 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case with Steel or Leather Bracelet Depending on Model
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Curved Crystal, 24-hour Subdial, Transparent Case Back


The FM301 model is a piece of minimalist art. Its square case, framed by a sapphire crystal, houses a Seagull ST1731 caliber.

Despite its compact size of 34mm, its presence is felt thanks to the small seconds dial and the see-through back that invites exploration of its interior.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Chinese Automatic
Caliber Seagull ST1731
Case Diameter 34 mm
Case Thickness 10 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case / Steel Bracelet or Leather Strap Depending on Model
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Square Case, Small Seconds Dial, Exhibition Case Back


Elegance in every detail defines the FM202. With a diameter of 42mm, this watch is characterized by its curved mineral crystal and a Hangzhou 2BA0 caliber.

The leather strap adds a classic touch, while the power reserve indicator and small seconds dial give it a modern flair.

Crystal Curved Hardened Mineral
Movement Chinese Automatic
Caliber Hangzhou 2BA0
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 11 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Leather Strap
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Curved Crystal, Power Reserve Indicator, Small Seconds Dial


A balanced watch in design and functionality. Its sapphire crystal protects a Seagull 1731 caliber in a 39mm case.

Whether with a leather or steel bracelet, the FM201 stands out for its small seconds dial and transparent case back, a nod to traditional watch enthusiasts.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Chinese Automatic
Caliber Seagull 1731
Case Diameter 39 mm
Case Thickness 10 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Steel or Leather Bracelet Depending on Model
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Small Seconds Dial, Transparent Case Back


For those seeking innovative design, the FM019 is the perfect choice. This skeleton-style watch exposes the Hangzhou 7500A automatic movement under an impenetrable sapphire crystal.

With a diameter of 42mm and a fully stainless steel bracelet, it’s a masterpiece of engineering and design that will dazzle on any occasion.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Chinese Automatic
Caliber Hangzhou 7500A
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 12 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Skeleton-style Watch, Transparent Case Back


The variety of models, coupled with the brand’s constant innovations, makes FEICE an attractive option for those seeking a classic watch with various complications.

However, the components and materials used by the brand do not always justify the high prices that some of their models can reach.

It’s true that the Chinese calibers used by this brand are not the cheapest and are well-designed, but the price increases are often excessive.

Currently, there are many Chinese watch brands that offer the same or even better features at a much lower cost (half or less), so it’s essential to review all options before making a decision.


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