Burei Watches: Quality, Origin, and Reviews

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Burei watches are not just another option in the vast universe of Chinese watch brands. Their distinction lies in the synthesis of tradition, quality, and contemporary design.

Since their inception, Burei has sought to combine the precision of Japanese mechanisms with stylistic innovation, quickly gaining a prominent place in the international market.

In this post, we will show you all the available information about this brand and also analyze its quality, reviewing some of the best Burei watches currently available.

⌦ Burei Watches and Their Origin

The history of Burei watches dates back to the early 21st century, and their legacy has been built in less than two decades.

Located in the heart of Shenzhen, China, Burei was founded in 2001 with a clear mission: to provide quality watches at an affordable price for the average consumer.

Shenzhen, with its rich industrial fabric, has become the epicenter of watch manufacturing in China and possibly in the world.

Many watch factories in the country are concentrated in this city. For example, brands like Cadisen, Pagani Design, and Lige also have their headquarters here.

According to the trademark registration, the company behind Burei watches is Ruibaoda Trading Co., Ltd, a business conglomerate that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing watches of all kinds.

Although the beginnings were not easy, the brand had to face the challenges of creating inspiring designs in a market where originality is essential.

Their solution was to draw inspiration from traditional Swiss watchmaking, adapting classic designs to current trends using quality components.

Over time, this fusion of the old and the new became the hallmark of the brand, which has established its reputation not only in China but also in Western markets.

Undoubtedly, Burei’s journey from its humble beginnings in Shenzhen to becoming a globally recognized name is a testament to its dedication and passion for watchmaking.

⌦ What Quality Do These Watches Have?

The distinction and durability of Burei watches are not only due to their design but also to their components, which are selected and adapted to offer the best quality and performance.

Next, we will analyze each of these key materials or components that make Burei stand out in the world of watchmaking:

➜ The Case

Most Burei watches use 316L stainless steel for their cases, which is not a choice made by chance.

Steel is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. In addition to being aesthetic, this material ensures that the watch can withstand daily wear.

Another added advantage of this type of steel is its hypoallergenic nature, which implies that there are few chances of an allergic reaction occurring on the skin.

➜ The Crystal

Burei spares no effort in protecting the dial of its watches. Depending on the model and price range, the brand uses either mineral crystal or sapphire crystal.

Mineral crystal offers good visibility and better resistance than plastic crystals, but sapphire is scratch-resistant, making it commonly used in high-end watches.

By choosing sapphire crystal, you can ensure that the watch’s dial is protected against accidental scratches.

➜ Strap

Straps play a crucial role in the style of a watch and also in comfort. The brand offers two main options: leather and 316L stainless steel.

Using a leather strap provides a classic and comfortable feel, as it adapts well to the shape of the wrist. However, these types of straps are often made of synthetic materials.

Stainless steel straps, on the other hand, are ideal for those seeking durability, as they offer the inherent strength of the material, although they can be somewhat heavier.

➜ Movement

A watch is only as good as its heart, and the movement is essentially that—the machinery that drives all the hands and complications.

In this regard, Burei primarily opts for Japanese movements, specifically from renowned brands like Miyota and Seiko.

These movements are globally recognized for their precision, reliability, and durability. Furthermore, the brand offers both quartz and mechanical watches, allowing enthusiasts to choose according to their preferences.

In conclusion, the components of Burei watches tend to be above the Chinese average in terms of quality, with some of them being imported from other countries.

It could be said that from the case to the movement, every detail has been considered to offer users a satisfying watch experience.

⌦ Review of the Best Burei Watches

➜ Burei 15025 Military

This watch exudes robustness and tradition. With a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a Japanese automatic movement Seiko NH35, precision is guaranteed.

Its military design is complemented by a stainless steel case and a nylon strap, while the transparent case back allows for an appreciation of the machinery.

Moreover, it’s unafraid of water with a resistance of up to 50 meters and includes a calendar for added convenience.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Japanese Automatic
Caliber Seiko NH35
Case Diameter 40.7 mm
Case Thickness 11.3 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Nylon Strap
Water Resistance 50 bar (50 meters)
Other Features Transparent Case Back, Calendar

➜ Burei SW500 Submariner

Inspired by the classic Rolex model, the SW500 Submariner is a giant in terms of components and features.

With a water resistance of up to 500 meters and a unidirectional rotating bezel, it becomes the perfect companion for divers.

Featuring a Seiko NH35A movement and a stainless steel case and strap, there’s no doubt it’s built to withstand and endure.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Japanese Automatic
Caliber Seiko NH35A
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 16 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Strap
Water Resistance 50 bar (500 meters)
Other Features Unidirectional Rotating Bezel, Screw-Down Crown and Case Back, Calendar

➜ Burei SM-15007

Elegance and distinction define the SM-15007. With a unique square case and an open-heart dial revealing its Japanese mechanical movement, this watch blends the modern with the classic.

Its leather strap and 50-meter water resistance, along with its transparent case back, make it a gem for any occasion.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Mechanical Automatic
Caliber Japanese
Case Diameter 42.3 mm
Case Thickness 14.6 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Leather Strap
Water Resistance 5 bar (50 meters)
Other Features Square Case Design, Open-Heart Dial, Transparent Case Back

➜ Burei SM-13001 Quartz

Delicacy and simplicity are the trademarks of the SM-1300. Its slimness combines with a 42mm case and hardened mineral crystal.

Its quartz movement ensures precision, and its ultra-slim design, along with the leather strap, makes it a distinctive accessory. Additionally, its calendar with day of the week and month is a practical addition.

Crystal Hardened Mineral
Movement Quartz
Caliber Japanese Import
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 9.5 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Leather Strap
Water Resistance 5 bar (50 meters)
Other Features Ultra-Slim, Calendar with Day of the Week and Month

➜ Burei SL-15013

A watch with a feminine and sophisticated touch. The SL-15013 features a hardened mineral crystal and a Japanese automatic mechanical movement within a 28mm case.

Its water resistance of 50 meters is a statement of durability, while the transparent case back adds an extra touch of elegance. It also incorporates a calendar.

Crystal Hardened Mineral
Movement Automatic Mechanical
Caliber Japanese
Case Diameter 28 mm
Case Thickness 11 mm
Materials Stainless Steel Case and Strap
Water Resistance 5 bar (50 meters)
Other Features Transparent Case Back, Calendar

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