Megir Watches: Origin, Review, and Opinions

Megir 8601G

Megir watches have established themselves in the European market thanks to their competitive pricing strategy and extensive range of designs.

This Chinese watch brand encompasses a variety of styles, from sporty and elegant timepieces to military-inspired models, and even offers automatic variants, although the latter are positioned in a higher price range.

This analysis will delve deep into Megir watches, from their origins to assessing the quality and design of their products, identifying the most outstanding models.

⌦ Origins of Megir Watches

Megir, established in 1997 in Guangdong, China, emerges from a region famous for its watchmaking industry, sharing its origin with brands like Lige and Benyar.

Initially focused on the local market, Megir is part of Shenzen-Meigeer Watch Company Ltd., a conglomerate that also includes other brands like Weide and Sinobi.

Later on, the brand expanded its horizon to Japan, focusing on producing high-end watches before adjusting its offerings towards more globally accessible options.

This strategic shift was particularly evident when Chinese consumers’ preferences leaned towards Swiss and Japanese watches, challenging Megir to reevaluate and diversify its approach.

In response, the company embarked on acquiring foreign brands in 2014, a shrewd move that allowed it to produce watches in Switzerland with Japanese components, thus adapting to the demands and tastes of different markets.

This strategy not only expanded its geographical reach but also enriched its product portfolio, marking a milestone in its evolution and solidifying its position in the competitive watch world.

⌦ What Quality Does This Brand Offer?

The range of Megir watches encompasses a variety of models that integrate both quartz and mechanical technology, targeting a market segment seeking functionality at affordable prices.

In the quartz category, the brand’s watches stand out for incorporating chronograph functions, with some models capable of offering notable precision.

These devices use Chinese movements, such as Sunon and the PE10 caliber, known for their cost-effectiveness, although they do not reach the level of prestige of Japanese Miyota movements found in watches at a higher price range.

From a material standpoint, Megir opts for metal alloys in the cases and offers strap options in stainless steel or synthetic leather, protected by hardened mineral crystals. This selection reflects a commitment to durability and aesthetics while keeping costs down.

In contrast, their mechanical models represent a higher tier in both price and quality, utilizing premium materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal, and occasionally, Seagull ST-25 or Miyota movements in their more exclusive variants.

In conclusion, this brand strives to offer watches that balance quality and design with competitive pricing, aimed at consumers who value functionality and style without a significant financial outlay.

⌦ Review of the best Megir watches

The diversity of designs from Megir is reflected in their range, which includes everything from sports chronographs to automatic watches and fashion designs. Here are some of the highlights:

➜ Megir 2137G

This model combines a bold design in its 45 mm case, featuring a unique blend of digital timekeeping via mechanical wheels powered by a quartz mechanism.

With an alloy case and leather strap, its 3-bar water resistance suggests moderate durability. However, the hardened mineral glass adds extra resilience.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Quartz
Caliber Chinese
Case Diameter 45 mm
Case Thickness 17 mm
Materials Alloy case and leather strap
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Digital time with mechanical wheels

➜ Megir 2217G

The 2217G stands out with its 40 mm square case and multifunctional design including an analog chronograph and calendar.

Its case is made with an economical alloy of metals, though it features a stainless steel bracelet, giving it a more elegant look.

The 3-bar water resistance and hardened mineral glass are suitable for daily use, though the Chinese quartz movement limits its appeal to collectors.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Multifunctional quartz
Caliber Chinese
Case Diameter 40 mm
Case Thickness 12.5 mm
Materials Alloy case and stainless steel bracelet
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Square case design, analog chronograph, and calendar

➜ Megir 2144G

This watch stands out with its large 46.5 mm case diameter and chronograph functionality, paired with a silicone strap for comfortable wear.

The 3-bar water resistance and hardened mineral glass make the 2144G a practical choice, though the Chinese quartz movement and alloy case reflect its focus on accessibility over exclusivity.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Multifunctional quartz
Caliber Chinese
Case Diameter 46.5 mm
Case Thickness 13.5 mm
Materials Alloy case and silicone strap
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Analog chronograph and date function at 4 o’clock

➜ Megir 8601G

With its Tonneau design and automatic mechanical movement, the 8601G offers a skeletonized view of the internal mechanism.

Despite its 3-bar water resistance, the watch is a stylish introduction to mechanical watchmaking, though the choice of materials and caliber suggests limitations in terms of prestige and durability.

Crystal Hardened mineral
Movement Automatic mechanical
Caliber Chinese
Case Diameter 44 mm
Case Thickness 15 mm
Materials Alloy case and silicone strap
Water Resistance 3 bar (30 meters)
Other Features Tonneau rectangular design with skeleton-type movement

➜ Megir 62052G

The 62052G elevates Megir’s offering with sapphire glass and a Japanese Miyota automatic movement, featuring an open-heart design adding a touch of refinement.

The stainless steel case and bracelet, along with 5-bar water resistance, position this model as a more premium choice within the range, yet still accessible to those interested in high horology details without the high cost.

Crystal Sapphire
Movement Japanese automatic
Caliber Miyota
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 11.5 mm
Materials Stainless steel case and bracelet
Water Resistance 5 bar (50 meters)
Other Features Open-heart design, small seconds sub-dial, and transparent case back

⌦ Final Opinion

The Megir brand, situated in the competitive low to mid-range watch market, stands out for its wide range of designs and its focus on offering attractive features at accessible prices.

While their strategy of combining reliable quartz technology and mechanical movements in some higher-end models demonstrates a commitment to diversity and relative quality, it’s evident that their watches are not meant to compete in the high-end segment.

The use of economical materials and movements of Chinese origin allows for keeping prices low, but it may limit appeal for watch enthusiasts seeking greater prestige and durability.

In summary, this brand offers a valid option for budget-conscious consumers interested in modern designs and practical features, but they cannot be compared to the major Swiss and Japanese brands.


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